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Does al fresco have a facebook page?

Yes al fresco has a great Facebook page where you can share recipes, comment on product & recipe, enter contests and meet other al fresco enthusiasts. Our Facebook page.

Does al fresco have a mobile website?

Yes al fresco just launched a website for mobile devices in April 2012. This version of our website is focused on making meal planning and shopping easier with a focus on recipes and shopping lists. When using your Smartphone or other mobile device, simply type in and you will automatically be redirected to the mobile version of the al fresco website.

How do I sign up for your e-newsletter?

To sign up for the monthly al fresco e-newsletter click on this link Sign up for our e-newsletter

I am having trouble printing your downloadable coupon

Below are some troubleshooting tips to help you if you have an issue printing an al fresco downloadable coupon.

Depending on the promotion, we do limit the number of times an individual can print that specific coupon to either on 1x or 2x. Also, if you have received a link to an al fresco coupon from a party other than al fresco, there is a chance the promotion has already ended.

To ensure you get the latest coupons and they are still active, sign up for our e-newsletter al fresco newsletter sign up.


What is FreshTalk and how can I become a member?

FreshTalk is al fresco’s consumer panel. Currently we have over 300 al fresco consumers who have volunteered to be part of our panel and periodically review and give feedback on new products, packaging and promotions.

If you would like to join our consumer panel, email us at

Company History & Corporate Responsibility
What is al fresco all natural doing to make your products & packaging more sustainable and environmentally friendly?

At Kayem Foods (al fresco’s parent company), we strive to deliver sustainable growth by investing in a healthy future for our company and our planet. We continually seek to find innovative ways to reduce use of the energy, water, raw materials and packaging we use to produce our products. Recent key project for Kayem Foods, include:

  • Water Reclamation which has reduced the amount of water we use by 20% - that’s equal to over 13 MILLION gallons a year.
  • Reduced usage of CO2 by over 2.8 million lbs a year
  • Reduced amount of cardboard used by 20%
  • Implemented zero sort recycling throughout all Kayem facilities and offices with all plastics and cardboard sent to a zero sort recycling center
  • Reduced the # of plastic bags we use by nearly three-quarters of a million per year
  • Launched program that sends all meat scraps to digester to be converted into biodiesel 
What is the history of al fresco?

al fresco is the #1 chicken sausage in America; we will ship over 10 million packages of our all natural chicken sausages and meatballs to consumers nationwide in 2011. al fresco All Natural is manufactured by Kayem Foods, Inc. the largest meat processor in New England based in Chelsea, MA. Kayem is a privately held company and has been owned and operated by the Monkiewicz family since 1909.

For more about al fresco check out the Our Story tab on our website.

Product & Meal Ideas
How does the al fresco brand choose and formulate its various chicken sausage flavors?

We are continually tapping into consumer trends and new flavor profiles, like Roasted Red Pepper & Asiago and Chipotle Chorizo, ingredients that are new and add excitement to a meal. We have a full time Executive Chef, Susanna Tolini, who is passionate about food and brings that passion and expertise to al fresco.

Susanna has a unique combination of fine restaurant experience as well as understanding product development. Click here to see Susanna's Bio Susanna strives to give consumers restaurant quality flavor and experience that they can enjoy at home. Understanding how the fresh ingredients interact together, carefully combining and layering flavors for optimal taste and texture is crucial. Through on-going trial and testing in our test kitchen we work hard to get it just right.

We then test products with consumers in focus groups as well as through our consumer panel, FreshTalk. Getting feedback from real consumers is crucial to al fresco and directly impacts which flavors and products we launch. 

What are some unique ways to use/prepare product?

al fresco products can be use in salads, on pizza with pasta, in soup as an appetizer or grilled on a bun. We have loads of great, healthy recipes for you to try. al fresco tastes great in appetizers, salads, pizza, pasta, or straight up in a bun!

You may find a bundle of healthy and delicious recipes, from the grill to the oven, from our main navigation bar, or use the search feature to find something special!

Why is your packaging often tough to open? More so than it used to be.

As part of al fresco’s on-going focus on product quality and safety, we installed a new state-of-the art production line for our fully cooked all natural chicken sausage line in spring 2011. This new line is industry leading in food safety and it extends the shelf life and enhances the flavor of our al fresco products.

This new process does cause the packaging to be tightly formed around the product and the package can be a little more difficult to open. We are aware of this issue and we are working on solutions. In the meantime, using a sharp knife to cut the clear front film along the bottom and one side ensures the links will come out more easily and that you won’t pierce the casing.

Be careful, always cut away from you. Keeping the casing intact while you reheat the product improves the moistness and flavor of our sausages.

Product Availability
Can I buy al fresco all natural on-line?

Yes you can buy al fresco online. Go to the al fresco website and click on the Buy Online tab. Due to the need to carefully pack and ship each product in a cooler pack to ensure product quality, there is a significant shipping fee for products bought through our website. On this same Buy Online page you can find a store locator, just click the Find al fresco near you link.

I can’t find al fresco products at my local store. How can I get them on the shelf?

First of all, Thanks for asking! Each store has buyers or meat managers who determine which products to place on their shelves. These buyers/managers decide based mostly on consumer demand. So, if you can’t find al fresco at your store, ask to talk to the meat manager and let them know that if they carried it, you would buy it. Then, email us and we will follow-up with your store’s meat manager ourselves. Thanks for your support.

I can't locate my favorite al fresco sausage or meatball flavor at my grocery store. What should I do?

If you don't see your favorite flavor at your local grocery store, talk to the meat manager and ask him to order it. If they are already carrying al fresco products, they can easily add a new flavor to their order. If they are not carrying any al fresco products, ask to talk to the meat manager and let them know that if they carried it, you would buy it. Then, email us and we will follow-up with your store’s meat manager ourselves. Thanks for your support.

Where can I buy al fresco All Natural Chicken Sausage?

al fresco All Natural is available at most major retailers nationwide. Just click on Find a Store.

Product Code/Expiration Date
What does the date on the package mean? Is it ever ok to eat product after the expiration code date on the package?

The code date on the package is the last day that you should consume that product.

But, once a product is open, the full contents of the package should be kept airtight in the refrigerator and consumed within 3 days, even if the code date on the package is later.

Product can be frozen for up to 3 months as long as it is placed in the freezer prior to the code date on the package. Once thawed, product should be used within 3 days.

Where can I find the code/expiration date for al fresco products?

The code date location varies depending on the product.

  • Fully Cooked 12oz Dinner Sausage and 8 oz Breakfast Sausage: code date is printed in the white box on the back label of each product
  • Fresh Dinner Sausage: code date is printed on a separate label and placed on the front of the package 
Product Ingredients & Nutritionals
Are al fresco products pork free?

Our all natural fully cooked chicken breakfast sausage and chicken meatballs are casing-free and pork-free as well as our fresh, uncooked chicken sausage patties.

al fresco All Natural chicken dinner sausages are made with all natural pork casing. This natural pork casing allows us to maintain a high quality, all natural product preserving the best texture and flavor for our chicken sausages.

Are the chickens you use in your product free-range?

We do not insist upon range free chickens for many reasons, one of them being that no government laws regulate the use of terms such as “free-range” and “free-roaming” for producers.

For poultry raised for meat, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) defines free-range and free-roaming for labeling purposes as having “access to the outdoors.”

The USDA generally “relies upon producer testimonials to support the accuracy of these claims,” however, the lack of routine verification of these “testimonials” enables producers to stretch the definition of these terms. 

Are the chickens you use in your product hormone free?

As to Hormone Free, we use conventional chicken which is hormone free; the USDA does not allow the use of hormones in poultry, so we do not make it a packaging claim as we think it’s somewhat misleading. You will notice that whenever the claim “no hormones administered” is made on a poultry label, there is an asterisk, which leads to the claim: "the government does not allow hormones in poultry".

Do al fresco products contain gluten?

All of al fresco’s all natural products are gluten free, except one.  The only exception is our raw chicken meatballs whose ingredients include panko breadcrumbs which contain gluten.

Do any of your products contain wheat?

All of al fresco’s all natural products are wheat and gluten free, except one.  The only exception is our raw chicken meatballs whose ingredients include panko breadcrumbs which contain wheat and are therefore not gluten free.

Do you use anti-biotic free chicken meat?

Our chicken is not ABF (Anti-biotic free) but it is free of any anti-biotic residue, which means that if the chickens were administered antibiotics, it was at least 30 days prior to processing, allowing all traces to be eliminated in the finished meat. We are exploring the use of ABF (anti-biotic free) chicken in our products. Right now the number of suppliers that provide ABF chicken is limited and we are not able to secure enough supply to meet the demand for our al fresco products. More producers are expanding their ABF capabilities and we will continually be monitoring the market to determine when/if we could consider switching to ABF chicken for some or all of our products.

Does al fresco use mechanically separate chicken?

We use 100% skinless, chicken thigh and breast meat. All of our chicken meat is all natural with no growth hormones. We never used any mechanically separated chicken in any of our products.

I'm concerned about food allergies. Do your products contain any allergens?

Some of our products do contain allergens, for example the two dinner sausages we make with cheese contain milk. All al fresco products are gluten free contain no MSG, nitrates or nitrites and are made from 100% all natural ingredients.

To ensure that our products are suitable for your diet, you can find a full list of ingredients for each product on the back of each package or under the Products tab.

What does "all natural" mean?

al fresco meets all requirements for the USDA “all natural” definition and holds our products to an even higher nutritional standard to ensure we are delivering a product that is not only delicious, but healthy.

"All natural", as defined by the USDA is a product that is made without chemicals, food additives or refined ingredients and is minimally processed. There are no artificial colors, flavorings, preservatives, additives, fillers or by-products in these products. These products have been processed with non-synthetic or non-chemical methods.

What is al fresco’s policy on Humane Treatment of Animals?

At Kayem Foods Inc., selecting suppliers for our products is extremely important to us. We require nothing short of excellence from our producers, which includes the humane treatment of all animals.

We purchase our chicken meat from USDA certified plants located in the U.S. The plants we utilize all have animal welfare programs in house, and these programs are annually audited and certified by third party independent organizations including:

What is al fresco’s policy with regard to Genetically Modified Organisms?

Kayem Foods makes every effort to seek out non-GMO suppliers. Unfortunately, the vast majority of corn and soybean crops grown in the U.S. now contain GMOs, making it impossible for us to make a 100% non-GMO claim.

What is gluten?

Gluten is a protein in all wheat, rye, barley and oat products.

What is MSG? Does the product contain MSG?

Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) is used to enhance flavor. We never use MSG in al fresco all natural products.

What kind of chicken meat do you use in your sausages? Why?

We use 100% skinless, chicken thigh and breast meat. All of our chicken meat is all natural with no growth hormones. We never used any mechanically separated chicken in any of our products.

What type of feed do you feed the chickens used for al fresco all natural?

The feed used is comprised mostly of vegetables, but is not considered 100 % vegetarian. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Where can I find nutritional information?

We pride ourselves on being The Healthy Brand in the meat case. All, al fresco all natural products are:

  • 100% all natural
  • No artificial ingredients or additives
  • No nitrates, nitrites or MSG
  • Gluten Free*
  • Our all natural chicken sausages have 70% less fat and 35% less sodium than pork sausage
  • Our all natural chicken meatballs have 50% less fat than beef & pork Italian meatballs

You can find specific nutritional information about each of our products under the Products tab on our home page al fresco all natural Products.

*al fresco raw chicken meatball ingredients include panko bread crumbs which contains gluten

Why does al fresco use a pork casing on your dinner sausage?

We use all natural pork casing because it allows us to maintain a high quality, all natural product preserving the best texture and flavor for our chicken sausages. We do have pork free options including our all natural chicken meatballs and breakfast chicken sausages you can find them at your local supermarket.

Why don’t you reduce the sodium levels in your products even further?

We at al fresco are always working to make our products better - better tasting and better for you. Our all natural chicken sausage has 70% less fat than pork sausage and 30% less sodium.

Sodium (salt) not only adds flavor, but it is an important binding agent for our all natural ingredients and is a natural preservative which allows us to avoid artificial preservatives. We are continually looking at ways to make our products even lower in sodium, while still tasting great.

Product Preparation
Are your products ready to eat, or do they require cooking?

We manufacture both Fresh (uncooked) and Fully Cooked products. Please check the package to determine if the product is fully cooked or fresh (uncooked). Cooking Instructions will be located on the back of the package as well as on our website

What are some unique ways to prepare and use al fresco product?
al fresco products can be use in salads, on pizza with pasta, in soup as an appetizer or grilled on a bun. We have loads of great, healthy recipes for you to try. Click on the Recipes on our home page to check them out.
Who to Call
I am a journalist and want to learn more about al fresco for potential media coverage. Whom should I contact?

al fresco’s Public Relations agency is Connelly Partners, for any press inquiries please contact:

Claire Harvey
Connelly Partners
(617) 521-5474

I would like to contact al fresco about promoting/advertising your products in our publication, program or website. Whom should I contact?

al fresco’s Media Buying agency is T1 Media, for any advertising inquiries please contact:

Terry McGrath
T1 Media
(781) 647-1454 
Who should I call with a customer concern or complaint (or compliment?!)

Please email us at or call our customer service department at 1-800-426-6100.