#fightbackbetter with al fresco – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Oct 5, 2015

Most people are aware of breast cancer, but some forget to make sure women take the proper precautions to either prevent or catch this disease early. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and al fresco is joining forces with the American Cancer Society to encourage others to fundraise for both awareness and a cure for breast cancer. We need your help to fight this awful disease- from wearing pink all the way to raising money for research, to getting screened, we want to see how you #FIGHTBACKBETTER.

In partnership with The Ellie Fund, al fresco will #FIGHTBACKBETTER by donating meals and products to bring comfort and nourishment to those living with the reality of cancer treatment. Think of it as our twist on the volunteer meal chains that keep communities and families running in times of sickness. On top of that, al fresco will donate its annual sponsorship to the Boston Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk. Beyond providing $25,000 in crucial funding for leading cancer research, al fresco will also bring 20 fired-up employees to walk for the cause.

To help fight breast cancer, cook for the cause.  Here are some inspired pink recipes for your family and friends to enjoy while building awareness to destroy breast cancer forever!

  • Pink Pancakes with Raspberry Syrup – Prepare your buttermilk pancakes as you normally would, but add a dash of red dye to make your pancakes pink. You can either use good ole maple syrup or you can make your own homemade raspberry syrup with help from the blog Jamie Cooks It Up.  Have fun with pouring the syrup; see if you can try to draw a breast cancer ribbon on your delicious pancakes.

  • Pink Heart Sandwich- I’m sure if you show up to work or school with a pink heart sandwich for lunch people will take notice. Just by eating you can build awareness! First you need to make a pink loaf of bread, then cut the slices using a heart-shaped cookie cutter for your sandwich. Then cut up one of al fresco’s tasty chicken sausages, add your favorite condiments inside and there you go – eating for the cure.
  • Beet Pasta with Chicken Sausage- Beets naturally have a beautiful pink color to them and they are healthy to boot. This beet pasta recipe is perfect for dinner with your family and friends. To add extra protein, feel free to add one of al fresco’s delicious chicken sausage products. 

  • ‘Pink’ Velvet Cupcakes- To celebrate those who have survived from breast cancer, why not toast with pink velvet cupcakes. This recipe from Baker Chick will knock you out of the water.

Make sure to keep your pink (red) food coloring at arms length throughout the month to help spread the word about Breast Cancer. You never know one drop of dye could remind someone to get a mammogram and could save a life! al fresco asks for your assistance to #FIGHTBACKBETTER to help beat breast cancer once and for all.