4 Naturally Nom Brunch Combinations

Dec 15, 2016

When it comes to ingredient lists, we follow the philosophy that less is more, and familiar is best. al fresco products are made with the kind of all-natural, better-for-you ingredients that you want to eat, and we’ve found our friends at Simply Potatoes share that perspective. This holiday season, whip up simple and simply delicious healthy recipes featuring both naturally good for you brands for a brunch that’s just a little less indulgent.

Simple & Spicy

We try not to use the phrase “symphony of flavors” too often because we’re not really symphony types, but let’s just say our Tex-Mex Skillet has a whole lot of wonderful going on. Fresh, never frozen shredded hash brown potatoes with onions and peppers crisp up with country-style chicken sausage, seriously spicy jalapenos, and a few other simple, farm-fresh ingredients. This delicious combination might light a fire under your Sunday morning!

Wholesome & Savory

Looking for a breakfast crowd-pleaser that will have everyone asking for seconds? Combine al fresco country style chicken sausage with Simply Potatoes Shredded Hash Browns in a classic skillet-toasted family favorite. It’s as wholesome as breakfast gets, with lots of added herb flavor and lean protein from the chicken sausage! The one-dish cleanup is a bonus that shouldn’t be understated, either.


Natural & Crispy

The only unexpected element in this recipe is needing a muffin tin to pull it off! Our hash brown cups with chicken bacon are as straightforward as it gets. Line the pan’s cups with hash browns and fill er’ up with a combination of whisked eggs and chicken bacon, plus whatever yummy toppings you like (might we suggest broccoli and cheddar, or spinach, feta and tomato?) Let the oven do its work and you have a seriously delicious and simple breakfast on your hands (or in your hands, literally!)

Tasty & Classic

Finally, a quiche that brings us back to what it’s all about: the simple combination of eggs and your favorite flavors, all contained in a crispy crust. We chose apples and apple maple chicken sausage flavored with real maple syrup as the stars in this recipe, paired with a hash brown potato crust that’s irresistible. From a New Year’s Day potluck breakfast to a mid-week alternative to cereal, this quiche always shines with pure flavor.