5 Ways to Add More Bacon to Thanksgiving

Nov 21, 2016

Know what your thanksgiving needs more of? Yes, bacon. Chicken bacon, to be precise. We’re giving 5 Thanksgiving side dishes a new lease on life. It’s the Thanksgiving you know and love, except yummier, crispier, and even more delicious. Cheers!

Green Bean Casserole

Love it or hate it, green bean casserole is a staple of every Thanksgiving feast. But we think it’s time this untouchable recipe got the tiniest of refreshes, in the form of crispy bacon. Layer chopped fully cooked chicken bacon under the quintessential fried onion topping for an extra savory version of the same-old, same-old. Green bean casserole with bacon is bound to be a crowd pleaser, and it may even become your new tradition!

Mashed Potatoes plus Chicken Bacon

It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a big scoop of mashed potatoes on every plate, and it wouldn’t be a great Thanksgiving if those mashed potatoes didn’t have bacon in them (in our humble opinion). Trick out your classic mash with chicken bacon chopped fine so the smoky flavor is part of every bite. Like most leftovers, your bacon mashed potatoes may be even better the next day sandwiched between some stuffing, turkey and cranberry sauce. Speaking of which…

Cornbread Chicken Sausage and BACON Stuffing

Don’t take this the wrong way but we have THE best cornbread stuffing recipe, bar none. But even the best things can be improved upon, which is exactly what happens when you cook a few slices of al fresco ready to cook chicken bacon in the pan you’re going to make your stuffing in.

Just cook the bacon, remove (but don’t wash that pan!) and follow our recipe using the same pan with all the good brown bits left it in. Add the crumbled bacon to the top just before serving. This one will convert even stuffing non-believers.

Chicken Bacon Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry sauce purists may be offended, but if you have a more adventurous palate when it comes to this classic side dish, try making your own packed with your own favorite ingredients. Start with 12 oz. fresh cranberries and ½ c. orange juice, and cook down until the berries pop and the juice thickens. Then, add a flavor combination such as:

-          chicken bacon and caramelized onions

-          chicken bacon and dried cherries

-          chicken bacon, candied orange peel and roasted hazelnuts

Play around until you find the perfect tart, textured combo to take Thanksgiving to that next level – and try adding spices like cardamom, nutmeg, or even hot pepper flakes too!

Mini Pumpkin Loaf Cakes with Bacon

Nobody takes a pass on dessert on Thanksgiving, and your bacon treatment shouldn’t either. We love pairing the go-to sweet spice of pumpkin anything with a salty, savory side of chicken bacon.

Start with your favorite pumpkin spice cake recipe (we love extra spicy ones with maple syrup or candied ginger) and add crumbles of pre-cooked chicken bacon to the batter before baking, resulting in a bacon cake! You can also add a little on top of your favorite frosting or glaze for a flavorful decoration that will get everyone’s attention.