A Healthy Mardi Gras Celebration!

Feb 17, 2015

mardi gras foodFat Tuesday.

No wonder we say it in French. Mardi Gras sounds a LOT prettier!

From jambalaya to gumbo and fried okra, Mardi Gras has quite a few staple dishes that define it.

How much more classic can you get than by cooking up some traditional Louisiana gumbo? A basic gumbo consists of stock, okra, seasoned vegetables, a thickener, and your favorite meat or shellfish.  Depending on the recipe, gumbo can be made with or without meat.

For those that add meat to their gumbo, the dish can get quite hearty, quick. Whether it’s for Mardi Gras traditions or you want to try something new, next time you find yourself making a meaty gumbo, try using our chicken sausage. It is a great way to hearty up the dish without having to feel guilty about it. We have a few great gumbo recipes using our chicken sausage to choose from.

Jambalaya, another Louisiana classic and Mardi Gras staple, is made of meat, vegetables, stock, and rice. Some popular meats to add are chicken and andouille sausage. Again, what better way to make it a bit healthier than to combine the two by using chicken sausage? There are many variations of a good Jambalaya recipe, and we have several.

Substituting meats is merely the tip of the iceberg when talking healthy Mardi Gras meals. There are tons of different dishes out there that people indulge in every year. Many of those dishes can be complimented easily with healthy alternatives.

Perhaps you enjoy a good remoulade sauce on your Mardi Gras dishes? Simply use Greek yogurt in lieu of mayonnaise in the recipe to make your remoulade healthier, yet keep it just as tasty.

There’s so much more to Mardi Gras than gumbo, jambalaya, and remoulade, especially when it comes to food. As done with dishes we’ve mentioned, other traditional foods can become light fare.

The holiday may be named one thing, but our Mardi Gras recipes point to something entirely different. Gone are the days of Fat Tuesday, and now are the days of “Fit” Tuesday!