Breakfast for Holiday Guests

Dec 10, 2015

Breakfast for Holiday Guests
We understand just how stressful the holiday season can be. You work for weeks to check everything off your list, only to see the holiday come and go before you even had a chance to relax. Furthermore, some of us have an even bigger headache each year – holiday guests!

If you are hosting your friends and family overnight this holiday season, we’ve got you covered. Below you’ll find some simple breakfast ideas and quick tips to make your holiday mornings enjoyable for everyone – including you!


1.     First step? Coffee. A no-brainer. Your guests will certainly be craving a hot cup of coffee the second they wake up. Some of them may have a headache, and there’s always one guest who asks for it to be “spiced up.” That one’s up to you.

2.     Fruit is a great start to anyone’s day. Even just the smell of citrus has been proven to increase awareness and concentration. Slice up some fruit for your guests so they can refuel – and maybe forget about last night’s feast.

3.     Music is a must! During breakfast, there may be a few moments of silence. Don’t gloat over your good cooking – turn on the tunes! Holiday music can make your guests feel right at home.

4.     Give a gift. Whether it’s food or a small token of appreciation, handing out something for each of your guests will make your holiday party a memorable one. And most importantly, it might make them hit the road – let the relaxation begin!


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