Celebrate Caribbean American Heritage Month the Proper Way

Jun 4, 2015
Get out the chicken! Lots and lots of chicken! Caribbean American Heritage Month is almost upon us. Chicken dishes are a cultural staple food in the Caribbean and they’re delicious. From jerk chicken to curry chicken, they have it all.

So, as Caribbean American heritage month is fast approaching, we thought it wise to give you some great ideas with the basics of Caribbean cooking.

The Basics

Jerk Chicken
Probably the biggest staple chicken dish to come out of the Caribbean, jerk chicken is a smokey, flavorful cooking style. For those without a smoker, there are many ways to cook jerk chicken using the oven. 

Curry Chicken
Many great Caribbean dishes also come in curry form. Chicken, for example, is found in a ton of Caribbean curries. Visit your local grocery store and find your favorite Caribbean curry powder!

Use the Entire Chicken
If there’s one overarching theme to cooking Caribbean chicken, it’s that people use all parts of the bird. Nothing goes to waste. You’ll find there are Caribbean recipes calling for chicken feet and liver, and that these recipes are daringly delicious! 

Smoking Chicken
To get the proper jerk flavoring, there’s a special smoking process. The traditional way to make jerk chicken is to smoke the meat over burning pimento wood. What you’re left with after smoking the chicken is a truly authentic Caribbean jerk flavor.

When you’re thinking about cooking chicken in a Caribbean style, you shouldn’t forget to think about the spices. Many Caribbean recipes call for allspice and cinnamon, and occasionally dry mustard for barbeque chicken. These spices give the chicken a distinct mouthwatering flavor.

What’s Next?

So, now you have the basics to cooking Caribbean food. What’s next? Improvise! There are so many different ways to cook a delicious Caribbean inspired meal. With the basics down, you’re prepared to start cooking. Caribbean cooking is accessible to anyone and can start as simple as a quick-and-easy spiced rotisserie chicken. To keep these dishes healthy, you can even try using our chicken products in your Caribbean recipes. When you’re not cooking, check out the many different events celebrating Caribbean heritage month around the country. One such event is National Caribbean Restaurant Week in June. Other similar events can be found over at the National Caribbean American Heritage Foundation.

Now that you have the basics down, break out the spices and the chicken and start celebrating the Caribbean heritage and cuisine!