Fantastic Fall Recipes

Sep 11, 2015

Fantastic Fall RecipesFall is Here!
As the leaves change color, the coming of fall brings many fun fall festivities like getting lost in a corn maze and singing Kumbaya around a bonfire, but most importantly it brings fall food favorites like butternut squash soup and hot apple cider.  Here are some fall food ideas matched with some of al fresco’s favorite fall activities.

Apple Orchard Extravaganza

This fall, take your family and friends outside to an apple orchard and go apple picking. With your fresh apples, come home and make some delicious candy apples.  These candy apples make scrumptious treats and if you are feeling really ambitious they also make easy treats to sell for some extra cash. But remember to taste test a couple to get all the baker’s benefits.

Leaves, Trees, Bonfires, Oh my!

After a fall afternoon jumping in a pile of colorful leaves or reading a book under the gorgeous trees, enjoy a quick and easy pumpkin quesadilla. It will surely explode your taste buds. While warming up a tortilla on the stove, mix pumpkin puree, cumin, and walnuts in a separate bowl. Pour this mixture on the warm tortilla and then sprinkle cheddar cheese. Once the cheese and pumpkin mixture melt and mold together, take it off the stove and dig in!

Food Fit For Football

All you football fans out there bring this butternut squash lasagna dish to your next tailgate and you will be the true winner of the day. This delicious autumn feast is hearty enough to give you the energy to indulge in a two-hand touch game yourself.