Healthy & Hearty Winter Meals

Mar 3, 2015

‘Tis the season… For healthy winter meals! Winter is the best time of year for comfort food. We’re not talking about unhealthy comfort food, either. We have many great winter recipes for some of the best healthy & hearty comfort food. After all, a great winter meal makes for even better company.

Go ahead and indulge, there’s no need to feel guilty about eating good food this winter! Our in-house executive chef Susanna Tolini has created some great healthy meals and is sharing her creations with the world. For your convenience, we've created a list of all of Susanna’s great healthy winter recipes.

Not convinced there are great winter recipes that are both comfort food and healthy for you? Seeing is believing, as they say. Check out our Cornbread Stuffing with Sweet Apple Chicken Sausage, or our Sweet Apple Chicken Sausage with Homemade Macaroni and Cheese.

What do you think makes the perfect winter scene to warm your soul? We picture relaxing in front of a fire on a cold, snowy day outside, sipping wine and eating a bowl of spaghetti and all-natural chicken meatballs. Doesn't that sound comfy?

We think it does.

Now that we agree winter is for great, hearty cooking to keep you warm and healthy, we should talk difficulty.

“It must be hard to get this tasty food to be good for me, right?”

It’s not hard, and nor should it be. Grill up some veggies and some of our chicken sausage and you have some great, easy chicken sausage skewers to munch on! Just make sure you wear a coat! Or, even easier, toss in some cooked apple sausage into a bowl of greens and have a great winter salad. Any winter recipe can be spiced up a bit by adding our chicken sausage products.

The holiday season may have come to a close, but winter is just beginning. Try out some of our great chicken products in your favorite winter dishes and let us know how it tastes. We’re always striving to add more recipes to our already great list. Let’s work together to create more great healthy winter dinner recipes.