Holiday Party Ideas

Dec 10, 2015

Holiday Party IdeasSo, you’re hosting a holiday party. We know; the stress is killing you! Instead of the same old boring decorations this year, why not spice up your soirée with some easy, festive offerings?

There are many different traditions when it comes to hosting parties during the holiday season, but these party ideas should be a perfect addition to any type of celebration!

Apple Cider Sangria

Sangria is a tasty drink perfect for celebrations all year long. Basic ingredients for sangria include wine, fruit and sometimes juice or bubbly sodas. This recipe uses apple cider, calvados (a type of apple brandy) and fresh apples. Top with a cinnamon sugar rim and you’ve got a cocktail that’s certain to bring a taste of the holidays to your party.

Make-Your-Own Gingerbread Man

Who doesn’t love some gingerbread around the holidays? Whether it’s cookies, coffee or cake, the sweet & spicy flavors of ginger and honey/molasses will be sure to bring out the holiday spirit in all of your guests. This year, instead of taking the time to create a Gingerbread House, prepare some gingerbread ahead of time and set up a small icing station in your kitchen. This way all of your guests can personalize their own cookie and enjoy after dinner!

Finger Foods

Make no mistake about it – your holiday guests are there to eat. In order to keep the herd happy, why not try a few simple finger foods throughout the party? If you’re serving dinner, make sure to keep it light. Below are a few links to some wonderful finger foods your guests will love:

Mulled Wine

According to Wikipedia, the first record of wine being served spiced and heated is dated back to the 2nd century in Rome. As the Romans travelled across Europe, “mulled wine” eventually became popular in the United Kingdom at Christmas and throughout winter. Many other countries have versions of mulled wine, such as Germany and Austria’s “Gluhwein” and the Nordic “glogg.” Mulled wine is certainly an acquired taste, but is sure to warm (and spice) up any holiday party. We recommend Ina Garten’s popular recipe.

These are just a few ways to ensure your guests have a memorable time this holiday season. For more inspiration throughout winter and all year round, see all our ideas here.