Kabob Skewers Reimagined

Jun 4, 2015
Reimagining the Skewer

Kabob skewers are some of the easiest meals to grill up, and they’re quick, too! What makes skewers amazing is the amount of creativity that can go into making them. There’s no correct recipe. Kabobs have grown into an internationally popular food, and each country has different ideas how to create the best kabob.

Typically, a kabob skewer consists of either meat or seafood along with an assortment of different vegetables. Here at al fresco, we are constantly thinking of ways to innovate popular meals to give them an al fresco twist. We’ve created some amazing chicken kabob recipes that we think you’ll love. Get ready to fire up your grill!

Chicken Skewers with a Twist

While kabobs are traditionally made with chicken or other meats, we think our chicken sausage creates a tasty and new kind of kabob. Here are three different kabob recipes we think you and your family will enjoy:

Sweet Apple Chicken Sausage Kabobs

Give your taste buds a treat with this sweet kabob recipe! These kabobs have sweet ingredients like our Sweet Apple Chicken Sausage and pineapple chunks, and as well as three different kinds of sweet peppers.

Grilled Chipotle Chorizo Chicken Sausage & Shrimp Kabobs

So you’re a fan of a bit of spice? No problem! Our mix of shrimp, Chipotle Chorizo Chicken Sausage, and the jalapeno-lime marinade make this a dish with a bit of kick to it.

Jerk Chicken Skewers with Sweet Apple Chicken Sausage

These jerk chicken skewers bring sweet and spicy together to create a complex mix of flavors. Our Sweet Apple Chicken Sausage marinated in our mix of spices is sure to please.

Not quite what you’re looking for? No problem! The greatest thing about chicken skewers is that they’re so customizable. You can mix and match ingredients to create your own kabobs on a whim. For those of you that want to create your own chicken kabob recipes, we have many different flavors of chicken sausage products available.