Lighten Up Those St. Patty's Day Meals

Mar 3, 2015
st. patrick's day food
St. Patrick’s Day is a time for the celebration of Irish culture, and that brings with it many different traditional Irish foods. These traditional recipes are known to be quite hearty and filling. What good is St. Patrick’s Day without some bangers and mash?  

Bangers and mash gets its name from its ingredients. The sausages, which “bang” open while being cooked, are called bangers, while the mash is simply mashed potatoes. That’s it! While incredibly simple to make, bangers and mash is quite the heavy meal and we don’t believe it should be.

Do you find yourself craving bangers and mash while trying to eat a healthy diet? We’ve been thinking, and our chefs have come up with an alternative, healthier way to make them.

We started with the bangers. Instead of using regular sausage or bratwurst, try using chicken sausage. This great alternative has an equally tasty flavor to traditional sausage and won’t make you feel guilty for eating it. Our chicken sausage comes in several different flavors for those looking to take an additional spin on the recipe.

Next, let’s tackle the mash, as potatoes aren't exactly the healthiest food around. As with the sausage, we've created a neat and healthy alternative. Cauliflower mash! Simply boil some cut cauliflower, and then puree. Now you’re left with a bowl full of mashed healthy goodness!

The mashed cauliflower is good for more than just your bangers and mash. Try it in Colcannon, another great Irish dish.

Traditionally, a Colcannon consists of cabbage mixed with mashed potatoes. Keep the cabbage, but ditch the potatoes. Potatoes are a staple in many different Irish foods, which makes it incredibly easy to substitute a healthier cauliflower mash in many dishes.

These recipe ideas and healthy alternatives work for much more than just Irish cooking. They can be used in tons of your household meals. Our chicken sausage comes in a variety of great flavors, and cauliflower mash can complement meals from many cultures and backgrounds.

Whether you’re preparing Irish dishes for St. Patrick’s Day or some other meal during the year, these recipes are a great way to have hearty food without eating unhealthily and feeling guilty.