National Burger Month is Here!

Apr 23, 2015
It’s May! Do you know what that means? It means tasty, juicy, burger-y goodness. May is National Burger Month! 

The great thing about May being National Burger Month is that it’s just in time for the nice weather. Goodbye cold, and hello grill. It’s also great because it’s easy to do. Burgers are one of the easiest things to cook in the world. You put the burgers onto the grill, cook to your liking, prepare the toppings, and then eat. From there, anything is possible. The recipes can get as complicated as your mind can imagine. 

To start national burger month off with a bang, we’ve prepared a good list of some tasty, yet healthy, burger recipes to enjoy:

Grilled Buffalo Chicken Grillers with Blue Cheese – This is a super simple sweet yet spicy healthy burger recipe to grill up for those that love the taste of buffalo chicken. With a total prep time of only 20 minutes, cooking in bulk is easy! Spice up your springtime party with this great burger.

Caramelized Onion Chicken Grillers with Onions and Mushrooms – Can your mouth handle these complex flavors? With caramelized onions and mushrooms covered in a balsamic vinegar seasoning, this burger packs a punch on your taste buds. For added flavor, use an onion roll!

Grilled Hot Italian Burger with Fresh Mozzarella – Our incredibly delectable, healthy Italian burger with mozzarella recipe can be created in a mere 12 minutes. This super simple burger recipe makes a light, refreshing dinner that serves up to four people and is perfect for the upcoming summer months.

Charbroiled Chicken Patty with Grilled Pineapple & Sriracha – There are fruitful amounts of burger recipes available out there, but how many fruit-full burger recipes are out there? We’ve created a recipe that includes our chicken patty with a slice of grilled pineapple and a dab of Sriracha sauce. This dish is sweet, spicy, and healthy. Try it out! 

Now, we’re not suggesting you should eat burgers every night for National Burger Month, that’s crazy talk. When you do decide to grill, try one of our many healthy and tasty Chicken Burger and Chicken Griller recipes. We believe that they’ll help make your Burger Month extra tasty and extra fun.