National Sausage Month is Finally Here

Oct 5, 2015

October is National Sausage Month and we couldn’t be more excited!

Official Sausage MonthIn October, there is the famous Oktoberfest that is all about enjoying delicious sausages - accompanied by great tasting beers, of course. Oktoberfest celebrates German culture renowned not only for their mouth-watering sausages and beer but also for their savory pretzels, sauerkraut and upbeat polka music. To test how much you already know about Oktoberfest, take this
quiz. Now that you are an Oktoberfest expert, you should celebrate National Sausage Month by hosting an Oktoberfest party.

To prepare for the party, put up some German decorations. Blue and white are the official colors of the German state, Bavaria, where Oktoberfest originated, so anything blue and white checkered is perfect! Remember, the party is not complete without an Oktoberfest banner. To top it all off, order each of your guests a customized stein to put their delicious beer in. They’ll love it!

A healthy beer cheese fondue is the perfect way to start your party. Your guests can begin munching while the sausages are cooking on the grill. This fondue recipe goes great with soft pretzel bites, cut up chicken sausage, cooked potato slices, and cut apples.

While people are snacking on the fondue, set up a table where your guests can also taste a variety of German beers like Paulaner, Spaten, Weinenstephan, or Beck’s. There are many great German beers that go perfectly with al fresco chicken sausages and your tasty fondue.

al fresco has a variety of chicken sausage products to help you celebrate National Sausage Month. For some recipe ideas, here are some of al fresco’s tasty chicken sausage recipes to serve at your fabulous Oktoberfest party.

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