New Year, New You!

Jan 1, 2015

new year new youEvery New Year, millions of people set out to eat healthy and be active; to create a “new me.” Well, al fresco all natural has some New Year health tips to eat, act, and live healthier to create the entirely new you!

While eating healthy is vital to creating the new you, having an active lifestyle is incredibly important as well.

“You mean I have to pay for a gym membership?”

No, go have fun outside! It’s a great and easy way to start being physically active. Joining a local sports club or gym is a great way to get active and meet others doing the same thing, but by no means is it necessary. There are great, free ways to be active. Going to your local park for a run or pick-up game of sports can be just as good for you, or walking to the store instead of driving.

For those okay with spending some money, joining a gym or other fitness programs has certain benefits unobtainable otherwise. Often times there are people paid to help you achieve your goals, or even determine what reasonable goals to set should be.

Whether you decide to sign up for the gym or just stay active outdoors, setting goals for the New Year fitness-wise is vital.

Eating healthy shouldn't be difficult. With al fresco all natural chicken products, making healthy food is incredibly easy and super tasty. We have tons of recipes to choose from to satisfy almost any craving. Susanna Tolini, our executive chef, works tirelessly to create great recipes for you to get started on your healthy new year’s resolutions. Feel free to share your great recipes as well, we’re always open to new exciting ways to cook and create.

From linguine with chicken sausage, chicken sausage gyros, and even our new Chicken Grillers, there are nearly endless ways to begin a healthy new year with al fresco.

Living a healthy lifestyle can seem intimidating; trust us when we say that it’s all worth it. Start living healthy and it’ll be hard to stop. You could say being healthy is addicting! Living healthy now will enable you to create more ambitious goals and New Year’s resolutions for next year, the year after, and many more after that.

So Happy New Year, and cheers to a Happy New you!