Picnic Essentials for the Warm Weather

Apr 9, 2015
Springtime is finally here! Time to get your outdoor games and your picnic essentials ready to go. Not familiar with picnic essentials or activities? It’s simple! Picnics are super easy, super fun, and super inexpensive. The two main ingredients for a picnic are food and fun, and we’d like to think we provide a mix of both of these. 

Food comes natural to us, so we’ll start there. For picnics, the best kind of food is the kind that’s easy to transport and easy to prepare. With these limitations, we believe the best things to bring are sandwich materials. Sandwiches are easy to make and can be made on the spot. The other nice thing about making sandwiches is that they’re versatile. Even the most basic of sandwiches, the PB&J, is tasty. For those that want to get a bit fancier, bring along some deli meat and cheese kept chilled in a cooler. Also, make sure to bring beverages! Whether you bring a nice bottle of wine, or keep it family friendly and bring water, juice, or soda, beverages are the next picnic essential after food.

We also realize that some parks and campgrounds have charcoal grills that are free to take advantage of. Why not bring some rolls and cook up your favorite al fresco chicken sausage? There’s nothing like the smell of grilled sausages to get you ready for the warmer months, especially when we have great flavors to choose from like Sweet Apple or Buffalo Style.

Now that you've figured out the food, let’s figure out picnic fun. Bring different sports equipment so there are a variety of fun things to choose from.

Ultimate Frisbee is a traditionally fun picnic activity. It’s easy to bring along and doesn't take long to explain to people who haven’t played before. All that’s needed to play is a Frisbee and a relatively open field. You could even just toss the Frisbee back and forth if you don’t feel like playing ultimate. We can say the same thing about playing catch with a football, soccer ball, or baseball. All of these picnic activities are fun, cheap, and easy. 

Maybe the biggest picnic essential is camaraderie. Bringing friends is the most obvious part of a fun picnic. There’s not much fun playing football or soccer alone, is there? Invite friends and family, the more the merrier! (Hint: ask them to bring food, it can help make the picnic more diverse and interesting).

It’s that time of the year to start gearing up for picnic season. Going out and enjoying the weather doesn't need to be super complicated, just go out with some food and some fun and enjoy your day. 

We hope you enjoy the warm weather and have all of the picnic fun possible.