Prepping Properly with Pre-Workout Meals

Apr 9, 2015
As we welcome warmer weather, we look forward to being active and outside. Some people choose to run, some choose to bike, some choose to play sports, and some choose to go to the gym. Whatever activity is chosen, it should begin with a pre workout routine. Many people know that they should get in a good stretch before working out, but not as many know that getting good pre workout food is also important. What is pre workout food? Something eaten 30-60 minutes before physical activity to help promote muscle gain, fat burning, and recovery speed.

Eating properly before your workout gives you the energy to push yourself further. Pre-workout food doesn’t have to be a full meal; in fact, it shouldn’t be. Something as quick and easy as a yogurt parfait or fruit cup can be incredibly helpful. When looking at nutrients, you want to look for things with the right balance of protein and carbohydrates. You must have a healthy balance of these nutrients, and too much can have negative effects on your personal progress. The key to good pre-workout food is a good balance of carbohydrates and protein. These two nutrients give you enough energy from the carbs to power through a workout and enough protein to build muscle. Once you’ve eaten some pre-workout food, get a great pre-workout stretch in. Stretching before your workout, in moderation, can help prevent injury during physical activity. Exercising well involves many steps, before and after, that many people often overlook.

A good post workout routine is just as important as a healthy pre-workout. Similarly, food loaded with nutrients will give you the needed recovery from even the most intense activities. An omelet with some of our tasty and healthy chicken sausage products can provide the right amount of protein to aid in efficient muscle recovery. Any other dish with eggs or our chicken sausage works well, too. Stretching is not only a healthy pre-workout tool for physical activity, but is also an essential way to end a workout. Not stretching increases the soreness and stiffness felt after an intense workout. 

Being healthy and being active generally go hand-in-hand, but people often forget that eating well is an essential way of being healthy AND active. The right nutrients can make your every day workout pack an extra powerful punch and make a healthier lifestyle easier to reach and maintain. The great thing is that eating a good pre-workout food and getting in a good stretch are two things easily accomplished in the comfort of one’s own home. 

Now, get out there and enjoy spring!