Super Salads for the Start of Summer

Jun 4, 2015
The sweltering summer heat is fast approaching, and with it comes the perfect opportunity to create easy, tasty & healthy summer salads. Salads are the best way to show culinary ingenuity because you can add almost anything while staying healthy!

From the contents all the way down to the dressing, here are a few ways to start creating the perfect healthy summer salad recipe:

If there’s one thing that almost all summer salads have in common it’s that they use many kinds of fruit in a ton of different ways. The fruit can find itself in the salad in a few different ways, whether it’s chopped, whole, or in the dressing. Some of the fruit we commonly see in summer salad recipes are: 
  1. Strawberries
  2. Oranges
  3. Mango
  4. Melon
  5. Apples 
Adding a bit of fruit to your salad gives your recipe a nice, sweet flavor without having to feel guilty. Give it a try!

Meat & Fish:
As with fruit, meats are a great way to set your summer salads apart from others and add a healthy amount of protein and flavor. Sliced steak and grilled chicken are two of the popular meats that people use in their summer salads. For those that want to change things up a bit, try using one of our chicken sausage products in your recipe. These different meats are totally interchangeable and are all just as tasty as the others. 

Seafood can be just as healthy, tasty, and protein-filled as the meats listed above. Many great healthy summer salads use salmon, shrimp, or tuna as part of the recipe. Each of these has a distinct flavor and changes any recipe in its own special way.

While often thought of as the unhealthiest part of any salad, dressings bring the final touches to any salad and can definitely be kept healthy. Lighter summer salad dressings often use olive oil, lemon juice, vinaigrette, or sometimes simply salt and pepper. Try these in your next salad recipe and see how these light dressings bring amazing flavor. Other dressings that use mayonnaise, such as Caesar dressing, can be made healthier by using lite mayonnaise or homemade mayonnaise instead. These dressings help to enhance the flavors in all of your favorite healthy summer salad recipes and act as the perfect finishing touch.

However you like to prepare your salads, there are endless possibilities. At each step there are countless ways to change and innovate. Need some inspiration? We have our own favorite salad recipes. This summer, go create your favorite summer salads and stay healthy in your own tasty way!