Thanksgiving better with al fresco

Nov 13, 2015

While Thanksgiving might just be our favorite eating day of the year, it’s no secret that a turkey-filled feast can leave you feeling tired, bloated and
definitely full.

At al fresco, we know how to Thanksgiving better. So before you head for seconds, see our helpful tips and recipes that will keep your Turkey Day celebration as healthy as possible!


One of the easiest ways to avoid overeating during Thanksgiving is to make sure you stay hydrated. Try to drink a glass of water at least once every hour before the big feast. But the job’s not done there! People who still feel hungry immediately after eating may simply be dehydrated. Drinking a few glasses before a meal can help control your calorie intake. So if you’re looking to avoid the post-couch nap this Thanksgiving, drink those fluids!


Thanksgiving is a little like Christmas. Party with friends & family the night before, and the second you wake up, all you can think about is presents – or in this case, juicy turkey and the smells of homemade gravy. Well, hold your horses. To “work off” the night before, or just keep your Turkey Day a little less gluttonous, make sure you enjoy a healthy breakfast. Try fruit, granola, or for something a little heartier, our Roasted Pepper & Asiago Sausage Frittata recipe is sure to brighten your Thanksgiving morning!


Any health nut will tell you there’s one food group that should always fill your plate, no matter the setting – VEGETABLES! Not only are they a healthy addition to any meal, but it’s also an easy way to avoid eating unhealthier foods like stuffing or buttered potatoes. Try wowing your fellow feasters with a healthy salad like our Sausage, Endive & Pecan salad with goat cheese, or just load up on healthy sides like green beans and sweet potato! Veggies will go a long way in helping you turkey day better.

We realize it’s easy to forget about things like vegetables, water and a healthy breakfast on Thanksgiving. But trust us, these are just a few of the ways to feast better! Visit here for more healthy inspiration from al fresco.