The Perfect Pairings for National Beer Day

Apr 6, 2015

April 7th, 1933 marked a special day in America’s history. That date more than 80 years ago brought the end of prohibition by Franklin D. Roosevelt’s signing of the Cullen-Harrison Act. It was the first day in 13 years that Americans could legally buy, sell, and drink beer under 4% ABV. Fittingly, April 7th is now National Beer Day! Oh, and April 6th is New Beer’s Eve.

So what should you do to celebrate National Beer Day? Well, for starters, you could indulge in great craft beer. There are nearly endless brewery options for all sorts of different tastes, from IPAs to stouts, to Belgians, and many others. Next, socialize! A good beer is made much better in the company of friends. Invite your friends over to hang out, play games, and converse. What could possibly make the day even better?

For dinnertime, we have an excellent recipe that fits perfectly on national beer day. Nothing other than beer chicken sausage! It’s easy: simply cook chicken sausage by boiling it in a pot of your favorite beer for several minutes. Hey, you could even use our different varieties of chicken sausage while you’re at it. Add some mustard and sauerkraut and you get the perfect beer chicken sausage recipe -- healthy and delicious!

So now you have chicken sausage and beer. What else could you possibly do for National Beer Day? Play games! You already have beer, food, and friends covered, but there’s still that one element of fun missing. Seeing as it’s still early April, there’s a good chance it may still be cold outside, which can put a damper on things. If it happens to be spring-like outside, there are many fun games to play outside in the back yard.

Some easier games with less equipment are simply tossing a football around or playing soccer; however, there are some great games to play if you’re looking for something different. Consider bocce ball, Kan Jam, corn hole, among a bunch of other things. All of these games are relatively inexpensive and make for hours of fun.

Hopefully these tips, along with our great beer sausage recipe, help make your celebration of National Beer Day as good as can be. You've got beer, chicken sausage, friends, and games, now get out there and have some fun!