The Ultimate Glamping Checklist

Jul 17, 2015


Maybe you’ve heard by now, but maybe you haven’t. al fresco is going glamping!

What’s glamping you ask? Well, it’s glamorous camping of course – a luxury way to camp that provides all of the comforts of a fancy hotel like bedding, silverware, furniture and bathrooms – but all while you’re surrounded by nature!

Imagine waking up every morning from your queen bed in your designer tent, walking outside to take in the view of a picturesque lake on your own private tree house balcony, while a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice awaits you. Glamping is an experience that will make even the least nature-inclined among us want to rock a cute flower crown all night long!

So with that said, we’re taking ten of our awesome food and recipe blogger friends to the Ithaca, NY wilderness for a weekend of massages, glamping, kayaking, schmoozing, cooking, and friend making!

So what do you pack to go glamping? Forget the tarp, sleeping bag, and water bucket. Here’s some items we’re totally packing for our glamorous camping trip:


  • Fancy bug spray made form essential oils like citronella (because that commercial stuff with DEET totally dries out your skin)
  • A snazzy outfit because even the squirrels are fancy on glamping trips
  • Your favorite wine bottle opener (because it’s really hard to open wine in the woods without one!)
  • A water bottle with a built in filter – because plain old tap water won’t do on this trip!
  • The best, most delicious colorful macaroons you can find (because you’ll get hungry back in your tent and will want a snack)
  • Your iPhone – make everyone back at home jealous with your super awesome Instagram photos of your glamping extravaganza
  • Your most comfortable sweater for when the sun goes down. It will get chilly and you’ll want it for when you’re sitting next to the fire
  • A book you’ve been wanting time to finish
  • The cutest footie socks – they’ll keep your toes warm and you’ll have the most stylish feet
  • Bring your imagination – who knows what kind of glamping adventures you’ll experience!

Want to follow with al fresco’s glamping trip extravaganza? Use #glampalfresco on Instagram and Twitter for updates. We can’t wait for the adventure to begin!